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Perfect two-way action on the over/under for the Giants-Washington Thursday night game

by Mike Spector | Washington Commanders Correspondent |
Thu, Sep 16th 9:39am EDT

DraftKings Sportsbook is reporting dead-even two-way action on the over/under for tonight's matchup between the New York Giants and Washington Football Team.

Betting Impact:

In something you almost never see, DraftKings says they have received a dead-even 50/50 split on the 40.5 point total for tonight's game. Assuming these splits stay relatively the same before kickoff, that is a sportsbook's dream as they are a winner to either side while collecting the vig on everyone's bets. This number opened at 41 and got as high as 41.5, which means the majority of the most recent bets have landed on the under for the sportsbook to be compelled to lower it by a full point.

Game: NYG vs WAS Mon Aug 8th, 11:43am ET | Categories: Line Movements, Public Betting